about us

Let us be your trusted eye on the ground! We will take care of you, so you can take care of your customer.

Our Mission

TrustedEye was founded with the sole purpose of helping companies in the Jacksonville Florida area better themselves. Time and time again we see a business that has an amazing product or service to offer miss out on opportunities and lose clients due to poor customer experience. Our goal is to stop this. 

Our Values

What makes us stand out? We have skin in the game and truly care, Jacksonville is the community where our families and children live and play. This city has so much potential and value to offer and if we are able to bring value to you and your business, that is a win win for all of us. TrustedEye believes in the concept of being one’s best self. If you don’t take care of your customers, your competition will. This is why we are here to help take care of you and ensure that your customers are the happiest they can be.

The TrustedEye promise...

Our goal is to help track, manage, and improve your customer experience. All we care about is seeing you succeed and keeping your clients happy. If you feel we weren't able to do that you will get your money back guaranteed!


-Vladut Bujoreanu